The Wilderness Within

The Wilderness Within

The Wilderness Within offers an original approach to the what, the why, and the how of practising meditation today. Meditation is not a form of ‘spiritual technology’ to help us achieve our personal goals. It is simply being present: to ourselves, each other, and ultimately God.

Drawing extensively on the teachings of Jesus and other biblical narratives, The Wilderness Within takes a deeper look at what meditation is, why it matters and, of course, how to do it. Ultimately, meditation is about becoming more fully who and what we really are.

Meditation can be learnt in a few minutes, though it is likely to take more than a lifetime to master. Meditation is taking a step back from ourselves, and putting things into perspective. Meditation is learning to see things as they are, rather than as we think we want them to be.

Meditation is an attitude. And it belongs firmly at the heart of everyday life.


“This is an exceptionally well written book aimed at those interested in exploring Christian meditation.”

Kirsty Anderson, The Tablet

“This is an accessible and thoughtful book for those looking to discover a new dimension in their spiritual life.”

Rachel Poolman, St Cuthbert’s Centre

“Written in an easy to digest style, Buxton combines pithy reflections on contemporary issues with imaginative biblical reflection whilst drawing on the ancient mystics.”

David Ford, Good Book Reviews

“This is an absolute gem of a book… not so much a how-to-meditate as a why-to-meditate book. In this regard it is one of the best I have come across. It is quite simply superb!”

Revd Canon Christopher Collingwood, York Minster


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