Podcast Interviews

I’ve been wondering whether to start a Just Meditation podcast, as another way of promoting the learning and practice of meditation, alongside my Blog.

Over the years, I’ve been a guest on other people’s podcasts, and it does seem to be a good medium for talking in greater depth about more serious content, like meditation practice, and well as spirituality and life in general.

While I keep mulling this idea over, which will no doubt involve yet another steep learning curve, I thought it might be interesting to share a number of the interviews I have given on other people’s podcasts.

These conversations, going back a few years now, cover a wide range of subjects, from yoga and Buddhism to new age spirituality and Christian monasticism. 

I hope you manage to find something of interest!

Dose Nation 10, 25 Feb 2013: an interview with James Kent and Jake Kettle, talking about my first book, Tantalus and the Pelican, Christian monasticism, and much else.

Dose Nation 43, 12 Feb 2014: a second interview with James Kent and Jake Kettle, talking about contemporary spirituality, religious experience, and various other things besides.

Lonely Guru Podcast, 20 June 2018: discussing early Christian monasticism, Buddhism and yoga with Ryan Spielman

Wise Studies Podcast, 30 May 2020: discussing contemplative Christian spirituality and all sorts of other things with Ryan Spielman

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