Meditation changed my life

When I learnt to meditate, the very first meditation class I ever attended offered almost no instruction or guidance whatsoever. We just sat down and the teacher said, “Ok, start meditating now”.

As an absolute beginner, I was utterly bewildered – I had no idea what to do!

So when I came up with the idea of Just Meditation, I wanted to develop a simple but effective way of leading a meditation session that would give someone who had never done it before enough to get started, but without boring all the people who already knew how to meditate.

That’s why Just Meditation is a distinctive approach to the learning and practice of meditation that is simple, accessible and inclusive. 

SIMPLE because there’s no need to complicate things. 
ACCESSIBLE because anyone can do it. 
INCLUSIVE because there is no need to buy into any kind of belief system.

Read more about Just Meditation and how it all started here.

Just Meditation

Everyday Meditation for Everyone

Divided into three sections, the first section, ‘what is meditation’, explores definitions of meditation, as well as looking at mindfulness, before explaining what is unique about the Just Meditation approach. The second sections goes into the question of how to meditate, with chapters about posture, using the breath and dealing with distractions. Finally, the third section looks at the question of why we meditate. Why do we do it? Why does it matter? How and in what way might we grow and develop as a result of the practice of meditation?

“Meditation is about cultivating awareness, and with it the sense of balance and perspective that comes from learning to take a step back from ourselves in order to see things as they are, rather than as we think they should or shouldn’t be.”

Suitable for beginners, as well as those with more experience wanting to refresh their practice, Just Meditation may not be the only book about meditation out there, but it’s the only one you’ll need!

“This is the most readable book on meditation I’ve yet read (…) packed with useful insights and advice, as well as material to encourage self-reflection. It’s the only meditation book I’ve found so far that I really didn’t want to finish.”  Mark

“Invaluable for anyone new to meditation as well as experienced meditators. It is a book to be read and re-read as a means to support our meditation practice.”  Ruth

“This book is great for learning about meditation without being tied to a religious or devotional practice. It explains the ‘whys, hows and whats’ of meditation in simple terms giving the beginner a complete understanding and outlining everything one needs to know to just get on with it!”  Jon

“All you need to know. I have not come across a better introduction to the practice of meditation which is also helpful to more seasoned meditators. The author writes with perception and intelligence, which is worn lightly, and covers comprehensively the main aspects and barriers to meditating. He also covers other areas which are quite often omitted in books about meditation, particularly the influence of intentionality and motivation with regard to outcomes. Highly recommended.”  Richard

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The Newcastle Meditation Centre

Between 2016–2020, the Newcastle Meditation Centre, at the bottom of Westgate Road in Newcastle city centre, provided a safe, welcoming and ideologically neutral space – wholly dedicated to the learning and practice of mindfulness and meditation. 

It was the first independent high street meditation centre in the UK, and it existed to make the benefits of meditation accessible, affordable and available to all. You can read the full story here.

During those four years, before the 2020 coronavirus pandemic forced it to close, the Meditation Centre offered weekly drop-in sessions, as well as a wide range of courses and workshops on a variety of topics related to mindfulness and meditation, together with a number of other activities, including research seminars, discussion groups and social events. 

What is Just Meditation?

Just Meditation represents a distinctive approach to the learning and practice of meditation, through drop-in sessions, courses, workshops and training for meditation facilitators.

Just Meditation is independent and inclusive. It neither promotes nor rejects any particular tradition or worldview.

Just Meditation is simple and accessible. It is everyday meditation for everyone.

Just Meditation is just meditation.

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