Society and Culture


In 2015 Channel 4 produced a television drama series called Humans. It ran to three series, ending in 2018, and is set in a world identical in many ways to our own except that there have been some very significant advances in robotics. As a result, human society now includes a large number of ‘synths’, who […]

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Podcast Interviews

I’ve been wondering whether to start a Just Meditation podcast, as another way of promoting the learning and practice of meditation, alongside my Blog. Over the years, I’ve been a guest on other people’s podcasts, and it does seem to be a good medium for talking in greater depth about more serious content, like meditation

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The Rise of Mindfulness

Suddenly, in about 2014, everyone was talking about mindfulness. Although derived from Buddhist meditation practices, mindfulness achieved such unprecedented levels of mainstream popularity that many people may not even be aware of its Buddhist origins. The story of how this came about is, therefore, inevitably bound up with the wider story of the transmission of

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