Why Just Meditation?

Just Meditation represents a distinctive approach to the learning and practice of meditation, that is independent and inclusive, as well as simple and accessible. In short, Just Meditation is just meditation. I first got into meditation in the early 1990s. It was easily the best decision I’ve ever made, and I’ve been meditating ever since. […]

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The Just Meditation Book

People have been meditating for thousands of years: it is a universal spiritual practice, found in all cultures and traditions. And it is used in pursuit of a wide range of different goals, from the relief of stress and anxiety to the attainment of enlightenment. Today, there are probably more people practising meditation than at

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Breath vs. Mantra

In this article we’re going to look at two of the most common meditation techniques: observing the breath and repeating a mantra. The good news is that both methods basically work in more or less the same way, so it’s not really a case of which one is ‘better’ or ‘worse’. The ‘best’ technique is

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The Fellowship of Silence

From 2012-2018 I was the vicar of the church of St John the Baptist in Newcastle city centre. I’d been in post for about a year when one Sunday afternoon I received a telephone call from a woman asking if the church was open and whether she could pop in for a visit. She also

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Just Meditation ONLINE

In March 2020, as the coronavirus pandemic swept across the world, we suddenly found ourselves in ‘lockdown’. Those early days, as the crisis escalated, had a surreal quality. Many aspects of life, previously taken for granted, changed in unprecedented ways as we learnt a new vocabulary and reluctantly came to terms with the ‘new normal’. Just

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A Simple Practice

Meditation can, in theory, be practised anytime and anywhere – but it usually helps to choose a time and a place that is reasonably quiet and where you are unlikely to be disturbed or interrupted. It is not essential to meditate in a location that is completely silent. If it were, very few of us

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Podcast Interviews

I’ve been wondering whether to start a Just Meditation podcast, as another way of promoting the learning and practice of meditation, alongside my Blog. Over the years, I’ve been a guest on other people’s podcasts, and it does seem to be a good medium for talking in greater depth about more serious content, like meditation

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