Nicholas Buxton

Nicholas is an experienced meditation teacher and retreat leader, having studied and practised extensively within both Buddhist and Christian traditions. 

His books include The Wilderness Within: Meditation and Modern Life (Canterbury Press, 2014), and Tantalus and the Pelican: Exploring Monastic Spirituality Today (Continuum, 2009). 

His latest book, Just Meditation: everyday meditation for everyone (Magic Monastery, 2020) is available from Amazon and the Just Meditation website.



Just Meditation

What is meditation? How do you do it? Why is it necessary? More than just a how to manual, this is, above all, a book about why meditation matters.

The Wilderness Within

Drawing extensively on the teachings of Jesus and other biblical narratives, The Wilderness Within explores what meditation really is and what it actually involves.

Tantalus and the Pelican

This book presents an informative discussion of the Christian monastic tradition, blended with the engaging story of the author’s own spiritual journey.