Hello, my name is

Nicholas Buxton

I write books, and I teach meditation (some of those books being about meditation).

I am also an Anglican priest, and currently the Director of St Antony’s Priory, a Christian retreat centre in Durham.

On this website you can check out some of my books, and you can also read articles on meditation, Christian spirituality, Buddhism and society & culture in my blog.

In 2014 I developed a distinctive approach to the learning and practice of meditation, which I called ‘Just Meditation’ (because that’s what it is).

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In this introduction to meditation, I explain:

  • the simple steps anyone can take to learn how to meditate
  • the tried and tested benefits of meditation practice
  • some of the further ways that I can support you in your practice

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Online Meditation Sessions

Free, weekly, online meditation sessions, suitable both for beginners and those with more experience alike.

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